Prynzhova Hora

Ancient Rus settlement of VIII-XI centuries, an archeological site of local significance.

The Dyuksyn settlement, or the popular name “Prynzhova Hora”, is located in the Khreshchivka tract on the floodplain of the right bank of the Horyn river opposite the confluence of the Stubla river.

The settlement has an oval shape and area of ​​0.17 hectares. Its territory rises above the floodplain of the river Horyn by 10-12 meters.

The slopes of the settlement on three sides are very steep escarpments (except for the north).

The study revealed a cultural layer saturated with fragments of early Slavic stucco and pottery dated IX-X centuries, and materials of the late Trypillia and Mylograd cultures.

Вигляд на городище та річку Горинь в бік села Дюксин.
Дюксинське городище на фрагменті мапи 1938 року.
План городища за дослідженням Святослава Терського та Богдана Прищепи.
Принжова гора.