Kivertsy National Nature Park “Tsumanska Pushcha”

Kivertsy National Nature Park “Tsumanska Pushcha” was created to preserve valuable natural, historical and cultural objects.

The virgin forests of Tsumanska Pushcha form a unique complex with swamps of different types, meadows, and floodplains of rivers. This natural complex preserves biodiversity, rare species of plants and animals.

February 22, 2010 – the date of its foundation.

Area – 34,467.89 hectares.

Located on the extreme southern border of Polissya in the Volyn region.

Tsumanska Pushcha is part of an ecological network that contributes to the conservation of biological diversity in Europe.

The very word “pushcha” in the Slavic languages ​​means a large, solid forest, preserved in an almost intact state.

Oak is one of the symbols of the national park. Old oak groves aged 150-200 years are preserved here.

Several rivers flow on the territory of the national park, the largest are Styr, Horyn, Kormyn, Putylivka.

One of the most interesting places is Chortove Boloto (the Devil’s Swamp), which is located near the villages of Berestyany and Znamyrivka. It is considered to be the most ancient swamp of the region and is distinguished by rich fauna and special flora, where about 300 species of plants grow.

Bison is the largest mammal of Tsumanska Pushcha. By the way, it is one of the few places in Ukraine where these majestic animals have been preserved.

The smallest mammal is the hazel dormouse.

Tsumanska Pushcha is home to 27 unique species of animals, 20 of which are listed in the Red Book.

More than 30 Red Book plant species grow here, in May-June orchids bloom.

Автор: Антон Бугайчук
Автор: Антон Бугайчук
Автор: Антон Бугайчук
Автор: Антон Бугайчук
Автор: Антон Бугайчук
Автор: Антон Бугайчук
Автор: Антон Бугайчук
Автор: Антон Бугайчук
Фото: Антон Б
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