Bozhetarnya and Culture

Reserved tract with an area of ​​329 hectares.

Created for the protection of high-yielding forest plantations: Scots pine, pedunculate oak, European spruce, small-leaved linden, formed on hills and ravines.

According to one version, its name comes from “bazant” – “pheasant”. And the old name of the tract – Bazhytarnia – hunting ground, where pheasants were bred for the Radziwill family to hunt. This fact was stated in the “Act of transfer of Zhornyshche and Selybera villages from Prince Mikolaj Krzysztof Radziwill to Malinsky”. Another version comes from the name “God’s gift” (Bozhyi dar – in Ukrainian), which is associated with an old pagan temple located on the territory of the tract.

During the First World War (1915-1916) the front zone passed through the tract, so the remains of fortifications are often found in the forest.

The natural complexes of this territory are part of the nature reserve of local significance “Bozhetarnya and Culture”.

“Божетарня і культура” – темнозелений. КНПП Цуманська пуща – зелений колір. Сморжівське лісництво ДП Клеванський лісгосп – світлозелений колір
Заповідне урочище “Божетарня і культура”. Фрагмент мапи об’єктів природно-заповідного фонду Волинської області”.
Молоді сосни на горбистій місцевості заповідного урочища.
Сосна (Pinus L.)
Урочище “Бажатарня”. Фрагмент топографічної мапи 1916 р.